Roses Taylor — To Capture a Glimpse of the Uniqueness

Roses Taylor found her love of sculpture after an exploration of many other art forms.  She is an accomplished musician, dancer, painter, and actor while continuing her practice as a  professional counselor and marriage and family therapist.  She is wife, mother, grandmother, and an “animal whisperer.” She brings to her work the influences from the depths of her experiences in all of these areas.
Internationally known masters under whom Roses has studied include Aldo Casanova, Stanley Bleifeld, Leonda Finke, Tuck Langland, and Dan Ostermiller (current head of National Sculpture Society).  Her ability to get a likeness of her subject has been an innate gift that is valued by her customers.  In addition to portraiture Roses enjoys free form sculpture as well as sculpting nature.  She works closely with her foundry using the traditional European lost wax process and is carefully involved through each step of this complicated procedure from modeling the clay, working the wax, to finding the right patina for each bronze casting.  Roses uses not only her own eye and skill to achieve a likeness of her subject, but she also involves family and friends of the subject, particularly when commissioned to sculpt a deceased loved one.  Roses’ goal in her work is to capture a glimpse of the uniqueness of each subject and to convey the spirit of the individual character to the viewer.
Roses can bring your vision to life. She is skilled at creating a wide range of artistic pieces, including:
  • Portrait sculpture
  • Figurative sculpture
  • Garden sculpture
  • Monument
  • Commemorative Medal
  • Commemorative Plaque
  • Bas Relief


LAUNCH Business Entrepreneurship Academy open for sign-ups

Picture this: You’re taking your morning shower, and all of a sudden, a brilliant business idea pops into your mind. But you don’t have any experience in entrepreneurship, and you definitely don’t know how to make the vision a reality.

Local nonprofit LAUNCH can help.

The local organization that aims to empower community members through entrepreneurship, job training and mentorship is starting another session of its Business Entrepreneurship Academy.

The academy is a 10-week class that teaches budding entrepreneurs how to start their own businesses.

There are multiple class locations around Chattanooga, and classes start Sept. 14. It costs $100 to participate, according to LAUNCH’s website.

Click here for more information about the academy or to sign up.

Local entrepreneur and inventor Felicia Jackson recently went through the LAUNCH class. She’s created a product called CPR Lifewrap, which is a disposable plastic sleeve that covers the torso of a person in need of CPR.

It has a mouth barrier—which guards against bodily fluids that can be exchanged during mouth to mouth—and an outline that shows the user where to place hands for proper CPR execution. It also has simple instructions embossed on the product.

The LAUNCH class gave her the support and knowledge she needed to get her product off the ground, and even after her graduation, she is still getting assistance and advice from LAUNCH leaders, she said.

“When I walked through those doors [for the LAUNCH class], I had an idea and a hope,” she said. “When I graduated, I had a prototype, media exposure and a newfound recognition of what my potential could be.”

She encouraged anyone with an idea to take advantage of the class, which also helped bring her out of her introverted shell. She also found strength and encouragement from her classmates, she said.

“If you’re passionate about something, [LAUNCH leaders] will make you more passionate tenfold,” she said.
“[The other students] get invested in your idea. You become a family.”

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Mary Hamby — Twenty Two West

Mary Hamby is the owner and artist behind Twenty Two West based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In her studio at Chattanooga WorkSpace you’ll find her making both jewelry and fiber art pieces that reflect her unique modern aesthetic and focus on quality and excellence. Mary says, “I love how my job allows me to not only create with my hands but also to build relationships around creativity. My goal is to connect people with art that is attainable and beautiful.”

The name Twenty Two West comes from the address of the home Mary grew up in. It is a place of love and light- it is Mary’s desire to emulate these qualities in her own work. Twenty Two West connects creative ideas to everyday life and is a place where people feel respected, inspired, and cared for.

Mary Hamby 1

Mary Hamby 2

Mary Hamby 3

Mary Hamby 4

Mary Hamby 5 

Keith Nolan — Awen Audio Design

Keith began making music in 2002 with a Korg Triton studio workstation. After a summer studying film production at the Maine Media Workshops, and 4 years immersed in the New York City independent film scene he decided to be a part of the now budding Chattanooga Film scene. He’s a strong supporter of Chattanooga film production in addition to independent film makers all across the United States.

Awen Audio Design is Chattanooga’s own Post Sound service provider. We basically take your project from raw location sound to a sonic landscape where your ears will want to have a picnic. We also offer location sound to ensure you’re getting quality recordings on set. We have the equipment and know-how to accommodate a wide range of film genres, from horror and sci-fi to corporate videos.

Beth Van Deusen — Combining Form and Function to Blend Seamlessly

Beth Van Deusen is a designer with over eighteen years experience in residential renovations and construction. After receiving her degree in interior design, she went to work for a Chattanooga construction company. In that capacity, she served as both a designer and project manager, drawing plans for homeowners and supervising the construction process. Her experience in the construction industry has been invaluable in developing her ability to create realistic renovation plans – plans that combine form and function and blend seamlessly with the existing structure.​

​Beth grew up in Chattanooga, graduated from GPS, then received a degree in English and French from Denison University. After teaching in the local public schools, she returned to school, earning a B.S. degree in Interior Design. She was the in-house designer for HGH Construction before launching her own design business in 2011. She and her husband Schaack have two daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth.

Check out these before and after photos from a recently completed recent renovation project:

Before 1 After 1

 Before 2 After 3

Before 3 After 3

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