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Alexa Lett: The Art of Being Renewed

My passion for ‘all things stitchy’ became the art form of choice for many reasons. I love the creative process, the beauty of imperfection and the ability to determine handmade in a nano second. Years of supporting an athletic daughter led to hours of sitting on a bleacher. This time became the foundation of learning the art of stitching. The need to be creative had to become mobile for me, so this medium was perfect. Plus, a giddy zeal for vintage fabrics and notions collected over the years provided enough supply to last a lifetime of ballgames.

Now, the nest is empty and my little bird is off in college. A rented art studio in a wonderful creative community is my home away from home. I am back to ALL things creative. Mixed media, jewelry, art and stitchery seem to be the medium of choice. The creative world for me is blossoming in a new way….I love it. My work has been featured on HGTV, TLC televisions shows, magazines, ‘how-to’ styled books; and I have a book of recipes (that you cannot eat!) entitled “Homemade.”

Ali Kay : Positive Space

Ali Kay
Ali Kay

Ali Kay grew up in West Bend, Wisconsin.   She started Positive Space,  a decorative painting company in 2002.   Ali’s work includes mural painting, faux finishing, and custom fine art commissions.  After spending the last 3 years developing her company in Houston, TX, Ali chose to relocate to Chattanooga.    She opened the new Positive Space studio at Chattanooga Workspace in the spring of 2013 and is excited about making art in her new city!