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Jerry Allen

Jerry is a Chattanooga son. He began to draw very early on. He enjoyed making his subjects come to life with his work. His love of jazz music led him to produce a series of work depicting his favorite jazz legends with white charcoal on black paper. This jazz series won Jerry a first place ribbon at the “Four Bridges Arts Festival”.

Since then his work has been sought by private and coorporate collectors alike. His passion for his craft has given him the prestigious honor of creating a mural of the 1960’s non-violent protests for civil rights which can now be viewed by the public at Howard High School.

Now Jerry enjoys being a part of a growing artist community. Now a member of the ‘Association of Visual Artists’, Jerry still lives and works in Chattanooga.


1080 People

1080 PeopleWe the 1080 People are a collaboration of storytellers.
This means that we tell stories, and we play well with others. What was inspired by the collaboration to make a short film in 24 hours soon grew into an ideal. An understanding that truly no man is an island in the world of media. An understanding that a large part of the creative process involves people working together; operating in our own strengths and growing in our weaknesses.
Collaboration is the beginning of 1080 People. A rag tag group of creatives: Filmmakers, Writers, Musicians, Photographers. Bound together by a timeless passion for storytelling. 1080 People empowers experts from each of these creative regions to summon an ensemble cast of creative energy. This energy consistently delivers top quality Digital Cinema, Branding, Photography, and Advertising.
Stories are the center of our purpose.
We are storytellers.
We are 1080 People.

Tennessee Environmental Council

Tina Harvey CrawfordAs the Council’s Southeast Region Director, Tina is establishing a new satellite office in Chattanooga. She is well-suited to the task given her love of people, plenty of energy, and an excellent track record in fund raising. In the past, she has found funding for several organizations, most recently at Chattanooga Arboretum & Nature Center where she raised $250,000 and then served as Project Manager to build Paddler’s Perch for canoeist use. With a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism, Tina has been a TV and Radio News Anchor, a Senior Reporter for a LA television station, and Media Relations Professional for a community hospital. In addition to setting up the new office, Tina’s first project for the Council has been to create and lead a 9-week program for middle school youth in a low-income area of Chattanooga. Youth involved have been getting to know their environment through experiences such as trash clean-up projects, trail work, water and soil testing, and visits to natural areas in the city.

Olga de Klein

Olga de Klein
Olga de Klein

A native of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Olga de Klein has lived in the Chattanooga area since 1987. Previous places she has called “home” include Mexico City, Acapulco, and Cancun, as well as Cali, Colombia, and Willemstad, Curacao.  Creativity always has been part of her life.  While initially her paintings were focused on portraits in oil, she has morphed into abstraction and textiles, with an unmistakable vivid color palette, which she attributes to her years of living in Mexico and South America.

Her work has been exhibited locally at Chattanooga State (1994-2006), the 2005 and 2006 “Splash of Paint” shows, and the United Way building (2006, 2007, 2008). From December 2007 through January 2008 her paintings were on display at the Creative Arts Center in Dalton, while her exhibits included North River Center, as well as Studio II.

In 2011 she participated in the 10 x 10 creative works showcase, where she “yarn-bombed” the trees in front of the Tennessee Aquarium.  In February of 2013 she created a life size trolley, as part of the “Better Block on Glass Street” event.  This knitted public art measured 32 ft long by 15 ft. high.

In addition to painting, she also works with old family photos, her own photography, and mixed media.  “I explore, experiment, and constantly challenge myself.”

Ms. de Klein received her BFA (Painting and Drawing) from UTC.  She lives in Highland Park with her faithful companion Saskia, a six year old rescue boxer.

Julia Morgan-Scott

I already had a few illustration jobs under my belt when I returned to UTC to get my degree in art in 1984.  After that, I was mostly a stay-at-home mom for the next 10 years.  Then in 1994, I bought an airbrush, painted two pictures while my son was at school, and entered them in the art show at Dragoncon, Atlanta’s huge media con.  I labeled myself a “professional” and, to my vast surprise, received first and second place in the “fantasy” category, competing against illustrators from around the world.  I’ve been a working artist ever since.  I’m inspired by art from the Renaissance, the Pre-Raphaelites, the Outsider and Kitsch art movements, and the many wonderful illustrators from the world of fantasy and science fiction.  My first real sale was to a comic book, but I’ve done caricatures, illustrated game cards and horror novels, painted icons in egg tempera, and portraits in oils.  I’ve shown my work at many World Science Fiction Conventions, beginning in 1979, including Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Edinburgh, and at several juried World Fantasy and World Horror Conventions.  I was also thrilled to be a guest of honor at Chattacon, our local SF and fantasy convention.

In 1995, I stumbled onto a want ad stuck on a telephone pole, and literally wandered in off the street into my job in the Biology Department at UTC as a scientific illustrator.  I’m now a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and my drawings of fossil and living mammals have appeared in many scientific journals and books.

Here in Chattanooga, I’ve shown my paintings at the Corner Gallery, numerous AVA shows, including the juried “Progress,” at Uncanny Evolution Gallery and the Uncanny Inspirado group show, and numerous charity auctions.  I’ve also shown at Echo Gallery in Chicago, the Renaissance Center in Dickson, TN, and Clear Light Gallery in Pikeville, TN.  I’ve taught oil painting for adults at Senior Neighbors, and icon painting at a monastery.  Here in my new studio at WorkSpace, I’m working on tying together all these different strands of my artistic self.