Danyelle Dover : Una Linea

Danyelle DoverIn Italian, the phrase “una linea” literally means ‘one line’ or ‘one figure.’ In both my two-dimensional figure-based works and three-dimensional abstract pieces, lines of continuity disguised in complexities, and even deformities, are prevalent. Within these lines, shadows and light are created; stories are told and thoughts conveyed. With one line of focus, each one stitch of thread, every one smudge of charcoal, my own work becomes inseparably entwined with the stories of my ancestors and my peers; a beautiful tapestry of otherwise solitary pieces sewn together in the One line through which they originated.

My works are created using a compilation of repurposed materials and family heirlooms, as well as drawings and observations from my own personal life- often featuring depictions of relatives or loved ones, portraying their stories alongside my own.





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