1080 People

1080 PeopleWe the 1080 People are a collaboration of storytellers.
This means that we tell stories, and we play well with others. What was inspired by the collaboration to make a short film in 24 hours soon grew into an ideal. An understanding that truly no man is an island in the world of media. An understanding that a large part of the creative process involves people working together; operating in our own strengths and growing in our weaknesses.
Collaboration is the beginning of 1080 People. A rag tag group of creatives: Filmmakers, Writers, Musicians, Photographers. Bound together by a timeless passion for storytelling. 1080 People empowers experts from each of these creative regions to summon an ensemble cast of creative energy. This energy consistently delivers top quality Digital Cinema, Branding, Photography, and Advertising.
Stories are the center of our purpose.
We are storytellers.
We are 1080 People.

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