Molly Hussey


Molly Minor Hussey has always been drawn to light and color in nature. Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee and spending summers on a lake in Michigan, Hussey visually absorbs the details of her environments. The light dancing on water and through trees, the patterns of shadows and the energy of nature itself appear throughout her work. For Hussey, it is the light that defines.

In her paintings Hussey uses oil on canvas and panel. She employs various techniques of glazing and mark-making to represent nature’s facets. While some of her works are more abstract than others, color and light play a significant role in all. Hussey’s sculptures, made with wire and mixed media, echo her fascination with the nuances of light and color.

Hussey recently moved to Chattanooga from Memphis, Tennessee. She received her BA in Studio Art from the College of Charleston, South Carolina. She also attended Studio Arts Centers International in Florence, Italy. While living in Memphis she was represented by Albers Gallery. Hussey exhibited in various shows, including Spectrum at the Hunter Museum, Chattanooga, Tennessee.