Alex Nelson, semi-precious jewelry/mixed media

I make jewelry for people who want to buy with their conscience — for people who want to both love and feel good about the things they own. I use as much recycled and sustainable material as I can in my jewelry — copper, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, recycled wood, brass, fabric, recycled leather, and glass.

Alex Nelson - Spun Jewelry

Alex graduated from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2009, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. After college, she began experimenting in jewelry design with items out of her recycling bin. What began as a hobby, rapidly evolved into a small business. Her real passion is to take images, objects or forms that are not normally seen together and transform them into re-interpretations that are unique, fashionable, and fun. She strives to use recycled materials for their Eco-conscious, and affordable appeal. The designs incorporate post-consumer materials, such as, paper, plastic, salvaged wood, recycled titanium, brass, copper, aluminum, and tin. Other pieces are created with traditional techniques and elements such as, wire wrapping, cast-resin, beading, and polymer clay. The goal is to evoke nostalgia, style, and imagination through inventive design. You can learn more about Alex’s jewelry by visiting her website,

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