Renel with her Art

Renel Ploufe: Creating a Universe that Gives Birth to the Soul

Renel was born April 8, 1975 in Gatineau City (formerly Hull), in Canada. While  working on her baccalaureate in art and graphic design at the University of Hull, she  discovered her passion for the visual arts. This passion drove her, at the age of 21 to  move to Montréal, Canada’s artistic capital, in order to pursue her dreams. She  expanded her knowledge of the visual arts by gaining a certification in 2-D and 3-D  animation. Later, her definitive style was born after studying for two years under  master painter Nikolaï Kupriakov.

Fraught with vibrant colors, textures, energetic brush stokes, her work defines  her passion for life and love of the artistic medium. Each work is a vessel of powerful  and violent emotion that demands the viewer to pause and consider the artist’s  feelings. The art becomes a fearless mirror of her and her imagination. For Renel,  painting is her language and it allows her the freedom of speech to express her ideas,  thoughts and emotions. This new collection of painting is inspired by life that exists  all around us. She attempts breaking down a moment or a place to its visual  essentials (color, contrast, tone, light). Renel uses inspiration of existing places to  create a universe that gives birth to the soul of the place or subject.

Painting is my speech, my playground, my dreams transformed into reality.

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