Sherry Leary – A Different Type of Painting

“A different type of painting” is the way I describe my work because first, I am a painter. While working on my BFA in painting and drawing, I discovered I could present ideas in a different way, with cloth and thread. I work in this medium because I want to make a connection with the viewer, to leave a lasting, warm-hearted impression.

Buddhism’s second noble truth states all human suffering is based on attachment, an unrelenting craving or clutching grasp. Yet the opposite is detachment, signifying loss or deprivation. My work skates along the middle path, to describe a loosening-a letting up of fear and old habits, a softening of attitude. Along the way, there is the danger of ritual, where comfort can prevail over experimentation and discovery. A diligent tact is essential. Stitching holds firm yet generously, like you might hold the hand of a young child.

Hand-stitching takes time. The stitching in the finished work gives away the subtle rhythm of the hand, the care in the making.


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