Keith Nolan of Awen Audio Design

Keith Nolan — Awen Audio Design

Keith began making music in 2002 with a Korg Triton studio workstation. After a summer studying film production at the Maine Media Workshops, and 4 years immersed in the New York City independent film scene he decided to be a part of the now budding Chattanooga Film scene. He’s a strong supporter of Chattanooga film production in addition to independent film makers all across the United States.

Awen Audio Design is Chattanooga’s own Post Sound service provider. We basically take your project from raw location sound to a sonic landscape where your ears will want to have a picnic. We also offer location sound to ensure you’re getting quality recordings on set. We have the equipment and know-how to accommodate a wide range of film genres, from horror and sci-fi to corporate videos.

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