From Tattoos to a Different Canvas: The Art of Brandy Burgans

There’s something unique about the canvas Brandy Burgans uses for her art. Chosen by her customers, but often designed with her own hand… She gets to live her dream, one tattoo at a time. “I think I’m fortunate and grateful that I get to do something artistic for a career,” Burgans says.

On this day, she’s helping disguise the marks of bad memories. “We were covering some accident scars she had from surgery when she was younger.”

But if you look around this Workspace studio, you’ll notice that pictures of tattoos aren’t the only displays. She’s now sharing her style on a new medium, with a different kind of ink. “I decided just to start sketching them, and painting them and it became a huge series.”

Wood pieces, left over from a restaurant remodel, now a big seller at the Chattanooga Market General Store. “If you have too much detail, it will get lost in the tattoo, but when you get a chance to draw it you can keep that detail.”

Pictures that come to life with pen and prove that no matter what the background, her art is catching on, with all kinds of customers. “It’s changing a lot, I’m definitely tattooing a lot of grandmas now.”

For more on Brandy’s work of any variety, visit her website.

This story was originally published on News Channel 9.

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