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Danyelle Dover : Una Linea

Danyelle DoverIn Italian, the phrase “una linea” literally means ‘one line’ or ‘one figure.’ In both my two-dimensional figure-based works and three-dimensional abstract pieces, lines of continuity disguised in complexities, and even deformities, are prevalent. Within these lines, shadows and light are created; stories are told and thoughts conveyed. With one line of focus, each one stitch of thread, every one smudge of charcoal, my own work becomes inseparably entwined with the stories of my ancestors and my peers; a beautiful tapestry of otherwise solitary pieces sewn together in the One line through which they originated.

My works are created using a compilation of repurposed materials and family heirlooms, as well as drawings and observations from my own personal life- often featuring depictions of relatives or loved ones, portraying their stories alongside my own.





Julie Whitehead : JBD Dye Worx

Julie Jones
Julie Whitehead

Julie Whitehead’s work with hand dyeing began while she studied Fiber Arts at The Savannah College of Art and Design.  In 1999 after she received her B.F.A. in Fiber Arts she worked for various carpet and rug companies in the Northwest Georgia area designing and creating color lines for both residential and commercial carpeting.  While employed with Shaw Industries, Ms. Whitehead further developed her keen eye for color, texture, and design.

After many years in the design industry, Ms. Whitehead felt her creative-self calling her in a different direction.  She decided to start her own hand dyeing company.  Julie Belle Designs was born in 2003 as she created hand dyed silk scarves and pillows to show at local festivals and galleries in NW Georgia and SE Tennessee.  During a gallery show in 2008 Ms. Jones was commissioned to make a tie dye duvet cover for a local resident.  The commission started a great love for experimenting with tie dye to see how far she can take the art of manipulated fabric dyeing.

Although a majority of her tie dye is traditional, Ms. Whitehead places great emphasis on clothing that adds a touch of sophistication.  Julie uses techniques from Japan and Thailand to create the more sophisticated women’s clothing.  She also spends several days a month having “creative days,” so she can experiment with non-traditional tie dye colors and patterns.  Through color use and unique apparel Julie often sells her one of kind clothing to people who thought they would never buy tie dye.   Her clothing is a local favorite in her hometown of Chattanooga, TN.  Ms. Whitehead currently attends several markets, festivals, and has gallery shows in the SE Tennessee area.

“One of my goals as a hand-dyer is to introduce tie dye in a new light.  Of course traditional California tie dye will always be popular but I want to show people that it can be sophisticated as well as fun.”